We have served the international aviation market for over a decade. Our experience and responsiveness have allowed us to interact with a wide portfolio of clients and selected suppliers, developing the solutions necessary to effectively manage numerous flight operations around the world.

We have gained the trust of our business allies and our experience has allowed us to create a wide international network to advance on a large scale to other sectors such as oil and oil derivatives trading, as well as involvement in investment projects in the oil sector thanks to the fact that we have highly qualified personnel.



We act with absolute recognition of diversity of criteria, ideology, appreciation , and perception. We accept that there are not two persons that are the same and that both have equal right to express themselves, without other limitations than the guarantee of the other person’s rights.

To our J&D Oilfield International team, respect involves interacting with other people with a dignified, courteous treatment, without offenses, prejudices or biases that are detrimental to their personal condition.


We recognize and act according to our company goals, promoting teamwork versus individual or departmental performance.

A team is a group of people, conceived with their strengths and weaknesses, with their points of convergence and divergences, which must be integrated into logical and sequential processes for the success of the organization.


Fully honor our obligations to any person or institution which we have committed with, or have been obliged to by the organization of which we are members of.

Being responsible translates into fulfilling our duties based on agreed terms and quality standards, with no excuses.


Act in accordance to the highest standards of ethics and responsibility, even in the absence of observers.

Integrity is to honor the principles of a society, to always do the right thing according to the framework.


Our reliability is confirmed when fully providing what is expected from us, and from our actions. Trust has been gained thanks to our people’s credibility and honesty.


Our team efficiency and efforts are  oriented to guarantee our clients satisfaction.

Our values are guided to achieving excellence,  with respect to one another, motivating  us to strive towards an efficient business model to be used at every time when servicing our customers,  and when dealing with our providers